illustrator shortcut key list 2019

illustrator shortcut key list > Illustrator offers a lot of shortcuts to assist you get the job done more quickly. When you swing over icons in the command menu, many keyboard shortcuts appear.

Tools Shortcut Key

Name Key for Mac Key for Windows
Secection V V
Direct Selection A A
Group Selection Shift Shift
Magic Wand Y Y
Lasso Q Q
Pen P P
Add Anchor Point + +
Delete Anchor Point
Convert Anchor Point Shift+C Shift+C
Type T T
Touch Type Shift+T Shift+T
Rectangle M M
Ellipse L L
Pencil N N
Artboard Shift+O Shift+O
Eraser Shift+E Shift+E
Scissors C C
Rotate R R
Reflect O O
Scale S S
Width Shift+W Shift+W
Warp Shift+R Shift+R
Mash U U
Gradient G G
Column Graph J J
Hand H H
Zoom Z Z
Tabs Tools Shift+Cmd+T Shift+Ctrl+T
Type Tools Cmd+T Ctrl+T

File Shortcut Key

Name Key for Mac Key for Windows
New Page Cmd+N Ctrl+N
New from Template Shift+Cmd+N Shift+Ctrl+N
Open Files Cmd+O Ctrl+O
Browse in Bridge Opt+Cmd+O Alt+Ctrl+O
Close Project Cmd+W Ctrl+W
Save or Save As Cmd+S or Shift+Cmd+S Ctrl+S or Shift+Ctrl+S
Revert Opt+Cmd+Z Alt+Ctrl+Z
Document Setup Opt+Cmd+P Alt+Ctrl+P
File Info Opt+Shift+Cmd+I Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I
Print Cmd+P Ctrl+P
Exit Window Cmd+Q Ctrl+Q

Edit Shortcut Key

Name Key for Mac Key for Windows
Undo Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z
Redo Shift+Cmd+Z Shift+Ctrl+Z
Cut Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Copy Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Paste Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Paste in Front Cmd+F Ctrl+F
Paste in Back Cmd+B Ctrl+B
Paste in Place Shift+Cmd+V Shift+Ctrl+V
Paste on All Artboards Opt+Shift+Cmd+V Alt+Shift+Ctrl+V
Check Spelling Cmd+I Ctrl+I
Color Setting Shift+Cmd+K Shift+Ctrl+K
Keyboard Shortcuts Edit Opt+Shift+Cmd+K Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K
Credout Font Shift+Cmd+O Shift+Ctrl+O
Outline View Cmd+Y Ctrl+Y

Also if you need any more keys, please comment in the comments section and I will definitely help you

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